Monday, March 9, 2009

Memories, and a fab weekend!

Wow, I have alot to blog about today!

First of all, you know how some people have "Flashback Friday?" Well, today I decided to have a "Memory Monday." But, before I share my memory, I have to tell you what inspired it. Jake and I had the best date this weekend. We don't go out very often, so when we do, we do it big!

Jake arranged to have his Mom take the kids (and dog) so we could stay downtown overnight. (Thanks Grandma Charlene and Grandpa Joe!) We checked in at the Marriott, then rode trax up to see the last University Of Utah home game of the season. It was a fabulous game - they easily beat TCU (by 19 points!) Go Utes! We'll definitley be cheering for them in the conference tournament this weekend.

After the game we, went to see our most favorite band ever, The Young Dubliners. We first saw them open for Jethro Tull like 10 years ago, and we've been total groupies ever since. They come to town about twice a year, and we never miss them. (Well Jake never misses them - sometimes I'm traveling and can't be there.) We even drove to Vegas last year to see them. They play really fun, rockin' Irish Music and are so fun to see live - it's impossible to watch them without jumping up and down and dancing your guts out. They were awesome as usual, but the real point of this story is the Scottish band that opened for them. If you know me at all, you know I Love anything Scottish.

This is the band. They are local, they are called Swagger, they all wear Kilts, and they had a Piper to bring them on stage!!! They were amazing!!!! I can't wait to see them again.

So now for the memory.....I used to play the bagpipes. I started because my boyfriend at the time wanted to join the bagpipe band, and I pretty much just followed him onto the band. (But, I must say, I turned out to be a much better piper than he ever was and I stuck with it long after he quit.) Anyway, I played through all four years of college. I marched in lots of parades, played at funerals, graduations and lots of other ceremonies, I even competed at several Scottish Festivals. I gave it up when I graduated and had to give back my pipes. Sometimes I really miss it. This is me (right in the front) in action:

And now back to the date. (I have to bring it full circle, so I don't leave everyone thinking about old boyfriends - yuk!) Jake and I slept in, and then he took me to Market Street Grill for brunch. It's my favorite place for Sunday Brunch - I'm drooling a little bit just thinking about the orange rolls.

The only picture I got of the two of us was this one on trax in our Utah red:

Thanks Jake for the awesome date!


Linda Lou said...

Loved your picture of you and Jake and loved reading about your fab weekend. You need to do more of those wonderful dates!

The Kenyon Family said...

It looked like a great time. I am glad you and Jake were able to do this since you won't be going to Cancun :(

Movie Mavens said...

very fun stuff, Carrie! but did you get a peek under the kilts??

Anna-Marie Still said...

Who knew? Obviously, with kids named Lachlan, Aedan, Kyla & Ronan you must know we too love all things Scottish! Many of our family vacations with the kids revolve around attending Highland Games here on the East Coast.
Lachlan started taking lessons on a chanter when he was super little (about 4 I think)- his fingers were too little to make the spread so we stopped the lessons - He's playing trumpet these days - maybe I should bring the chanter with me to Convention to hear you give it a toot or two!
Glad you had such a fun date - we could use one of those soon!
I'm going to post my RAK on my blog this weekend - can't wait to see what you create and I'm looking forward of spreading the joy on my blog too!

Jamie said...

You talked about the scotish band. I am collecting barbies and there is a scotish barbie a want really bad. but when you went lily had a panic atack.

Steph Gittins said...

So cute! Where did you go to high school? Are you a local girl? I marched in our high school band (Mountain Crest- I still live in Hyrum!) and I know there are several bands with bagpipes!

Anonymous said...

i would love to know more about you and your family.....march was a long time ago....anything new????