Monday, May 26, 2008

Kara's New House

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Memorial Day! We've been busy this weekend - in fact I need to categorize all of our activities into smaller posts because one update would just be too long! Yesterday we helped Jake's sister, Kara move into her new house. (Well, Jake helped her move - the rest of us stopped by for a quick tour then got out of the way.) This is her first house, and we're so excited for her! Here's a picture of the girls in the U-Haul truck:
Last night I had some time to stamp, and Kara's big move inspired me to make some new house cards for my file. I used a Simply Scrappin' Kit that I had on hand. I'm still not very good at photographing cards, but here are my creations ....(Kara, let me know which you like best so I can send it to you at your new address!)

I thought a house shaped card would be fun...I started with a standard size card, but trimmed the top corners into a triangle for the roof. I also only glued one side of the door so it will open.
I wanted this card to look like a moving box - it was really easy to do - you score and fold flaps just like you would on a box.
And finally, I did some water coloring. I don't have the Loads Of Love Accessories stamp set to stamp the house stuff in the back of the truck - so I crunched up a little bit of designer paper and tied some linen thread around it. I think it kind of looks like a tarp - it's easy to imagine furniture and stuff in there - right?


RATCH! said...

Thay are all so cute! I especially LOVE the cardboard box one... too cute!

Amanda said...

These are so cute! I love them all! How fun!

Lisa said...

Cute Cards!

Amy (& Jared, Braxy, Deegan and Sammie said...

I can't believe you have the ambition to do all the crafty things you do. I am always impressed and totally amazed at every thing!

Shannon said...

amazing as usual....awesome ideas!

The Kenyon Family said...

You are so talented! I love your blog!